El Fuego IV

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Fourth issue of El Fuego magazine - Transmutation issue. 

All texts in Spanish and English.

List of contents:

-Editorial text

-Article Confinement of the soul by B. Zaniedbanie

-Interview A conversation with Una Hamilton Helle

-Live report Twin Temple

-Interview with M. Lamar 

-Portfolio Hello the Mushroom 

-Photography editorial Shadow Work by Teri Varhol and Viv G

-Portfolio Chiara Srebernic 

-Photography editorial by Nyxturna

-Project Under the Pyramids portable magick

-Portfolio Laura Knox Tattoo with pictures by Helena Exquis

-Project Aparición by Maritxu Alonso

-Portfolio Queer Heresies, the art of Kevin Whiteneir Jr.

-Article Alchemy of the self illustrated by Richard Wyn-Williams and Eden Gard

-Review Macken Bryggeri

-Interview Basanta

-Project BE_PRESENT by twinsFactory

-Farewell text illustrated by Fabiano Gagliano

145 printed pages, full colour printed on recycled paper

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