El Fuego I

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First issue of El Fuego magazine - Fire & Spirit issue. 

All texts in Spanish and English.

List of contents:


-Article The inner flame by Laura Wächter

-Tribute Leonor Fini

-Interview Kat Toronto 

-Project Paramnesia by Helena Aguilar Mayans

-Photo editorial Ars Longa Vita Brevis by Alejandra Vacuii and Viveka Swann

-Interview Jonathan Hultén

-Project Fresh from the coffin

-Photo editorial My torment by Alejandra Vacuii and Viveka Swann

-Article Venice & J.J. Delgado Gelabert

-Portfolio The enigmas of Silvia Grav

-Review Unfathom

-Report In the shadow of Eastern souls

Plus interludes. 

112 printed pages, full colour

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